Local Non-Profit Campaign
‘That’s What She Didn’t Say’
2nd Annual
Outdoor Voices Festival
September 8 – 24
at Chromolume Theatre in Los Angeles

That's what she didn't sayHelmed by founder Bonnie Joy Sludikoff, local non-profit campaign That’s What She Didn’t Say is partnering with Chromolume Theatre at the Attic in Los Angeles to present the 2nd Annual Outdoor Voices Festival. The campaign and the festival share the same mission — creating healthy conversations. Last year’s inaugural event presented five productions, and this year’s festival will present 10 productions, which is approximately one third of submissions received.

While the Outdoor Voices Festival celebrates all work that strives to create bold and innovative conversations, it also aims to remain a strongly curated experience. Seeing a show in this festival promises important, thoughtful, educational, and activist-oriented pieces of theatre. Creating art with a mission is always a challenge but each of the 10 pieces in this year’s festival do an amazing job of illuminating one or more challenging topic.

Some of the topics of conversation the festival will dive into this year include mental health, cancer, sexual abuse, human trafficking, toxic masculinity, racism, and sexually transmitted diseases.

The Outdoor Voices Festival aims to carry out the mission of creating healthy conversations by presenting post–performance talk-backs with the casts and production teams. This year’s event features several recent Hollywood Fringe Festival hits including Herpes: A Love Story, Chemo Barbie, and Dead Boys.

For a complete schedule and ticket info, go to:

The Chromolume Theatre at the Attic is located at 5429 W. Washington Boulevard (between the 10 freeway and Hauser Boulevard), in Los Angeles, 90016.

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